Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal

( Click to get a good look at our fruit orchard)

The clouds rolled in over the weekend and showered us with thunder, downpours and hail. One night we awoke to our last big snow. Dave's gardening thumb is itchy and getting greener everyday. Since weather and power outages have hampered my computer usage, my blog clubs had to wait. I've been rescuing dogs, feeding the hungry, saving the rain forest and tending to my farm instead. Wow you say? I've been on Facebook in between downpours. lol I do this all with bloggers, high school buds and Facebookers.

This morning brought blue skies and signs of spring. My new eye gaze computer has SHIPPED and I guess I will need to go get a router. I will also be getting to see my daughter's and grandson, TK, on Sunday. I have not showered him with kisses since November! My oldest, Michelle, will be moving farther away due to a new job offer. The visit will be bittersweet. Dave, he gets to be the landlord and fix all the winter damage at our other house, where TK lives with his parents. I just have to visit, be the gramy and photographer.

My Hormone test came back "normal" with a low calcium number. I said to the doctor that normal people don't get night sweats (2yrs now). She said hormones fluctuate and she will re-test in May. At the time I was frustrated, until she mentioned that my new medication may eliminate many of my peri-menopausal symptoms. Really?

Amitriptolene was given to me for migraine prevention, bladder weakness, drooling and the laugh/cry too hard thing that all come with ALS. 10mg for 2wks, 20mg for 2wks and so on until I hit 50mg. I'm currently at 30mg and the side effects stopped at 20mg. Taken at night, it apparently takes you into a deeper REM sleep (it's an antidepressant). No migraines or mood swings and I sleep through the sweats. Hmmm, maybe I can skip the hormones. I sleep a lovely 9-10 hours and feel great. I do awake to my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and I've gained 7lbs, but I look forward to going to bed. ;) I'm eating better, but not less, because I don't eat much now. I must feed my muscles but it all seems to show in my gut (4mos pregnant is how I look). Dave is a chronic snacker, so I try and ignore his habits. Now that I can smell again, his popcorn and tollhouse cookies are killing me. I need to get in my pool, asap.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

The smell of popcorn is soooo alluring but I have banned it from my house since I broke my tooth. If I can't eat it no one can.

Tabor said...

If I could get rid of belly fat I could make a million dollars! I hat my middle, and I exercise a reasonable amount.

My nandina and azalea really got bent by the snow storm we had. I hope that they bounce back!

I am so sorry about your daughter's move. I can imagine how that must feel. But if you have a computer camera and get her the same and to promise a visit once a week or so...this might not be so bad.

Giggles said...

Oh how do you resist that popcorn... I took low doses amitriptolene when I first got makes you tired for the first few weeks. Sounds to me like a few improvements on the home front though!Glad you get to see TJ that must be thrilling!

Love and hugs Sherrie

Anonymous said...

This all sounds so positive, Tammy! I can't wait to hear how you like your new computer.

I know you'll be soaking up every moment of time spent with family and come back with lots of new pictures of TK to share with us. Safe travels :)

Lucy said...

tam! I have the night sweats too and yet my test results said normal also! what is up with this menopause crap?
hOpe u are enjoying that swim! Dave's popcorn reminded me that I must have bought a dud box at Costco.. they keep exploding in the micro! such fun cleaning kernels up!
I wrote something for u on the ole blog!

Becca said...

I have been enjoying a respite from hot flashes and night sweats -for all of about a week - but I'm sure they'll come back! I've been dealing with them for about 5 years now, off and on (mostly on).

Anyway, they are small potatoes compared with the bigger stuff you handle every day. I'm sorry they've been heaped onto your have enough!

Enjoy your new computer, and your time with the babies :)

Nancy said...

Wow Tam...lots going on. Your daughter moving, huh? Computer coming, huh? Normal hormones, huh?

Normal, MY ASS!

I hear ya sister.

Much love,

Barb said...

New computers and smothering family in kisses. Life is good!

On the other hand... have fun with menopause when it gets there. :P

Oh and.. Lucy sent me!

emmapeelDallas said...

Those pics are so beautiful! I KNOW I'm living in the wrong place, except...two of my kids are here and I love that. Night sweats suck. I've finally gotten mostly beyond them. Woo hoo on the new computer. I know you're excited about that!



linda may said...

G'Day, I came for a visit via Lucy's blog. You are one incredible lady.
Night sweats! Don't you hate those! I take a herbal thing for them which works with me... when I remember to keep taking it. It is based on black cohosh.I try not to take other drugs if I can help it.

Kay Cooke said...

You sound so full of energy and bounce - it's great to see (read!) ;)

Forgetfulone said...

The pictures are beautiful! You sound happy, for the most part, and that's good. Hope you are going to love your new computer.

Rebekah said...

Isn't good sleep priceless? So glad you are able to sleep and wake feeling good - except for that annoying tongue thing. Can't wait to hear about the computer! and gain pounds, shmain pounds. Night sweats - oh Lovey. Awful! It doesn't last forever. Really!

paris parfait said...

Dear Tammy, it sounds like things are improving, in general. I've been thinking about you today, since President Obama signed the bill allowing stem cell research. I saw a Stanford University professor on BBC talking about what it could mean to ALS sufferers. I am so thrilled that slowly, but surely new doors could be opening for treatment and a cure. I know you've been hoping for this for a very long time. You - and all the people who have waited for this day - are in my thoughts and prayers, dear brave warrior! Love to you - Tara xoxox